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Digital Citizenship Internet Safety

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Always Be A Good Digital Citizen

  • Protect your private information, all personal information including your passwords.
  • Communicate responsibly and kindly online, if you wouldn't say something to the person's face then don't text it or post it online.
  • Stand up to cyber-bullying, report all bullying.
  • Be respectful of others ideas and opinions, you may not agree but don't be a troll. 
  • Give proper credit to sources that you use.

You are building your Digital Footprint every time you go online!

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     Be Smart on the Internet

  • Do not give out personal information, like full name and address, telephone number, or your age.
  • Do not post pictures of yourself or friends without asking your parent(s).
  • Do not download anything without first asking your parent(s).
  • Do not fill out any forms without first asking your parent(s).
  • If something, or someone makes you feel uncomfortable, tell your parent(s).
  • Use your BACK button on your browser... if you ever go to an area that makes you feel uncomfortable... BACK out of it.